Will I always have the same Majar?

Yes, our staff are here for the long-term to guarantee the best quality possible. However, in case of vacation or illness, we will exceptionally send you another Majar. The substitute will have the same degree of training and skills, and will be supervised by a Majar Coordinator to be able to perfectly adapt to your home and your requirements.

What activities are offered?

What services are offered? In addition to the Indoor Care (house cleaning), Mary & Jarvis offers you the following household chores and errands:

  • Ironing
  • Washing machine
  • Drying / drying clothes
  • Folding and storage of linen
  • Refrigerator cleaning
  • Stripping the oven
  • Cleaning windows and glass surfaces
  • Holiday cleaning
  • Watering plants
  • Pick up and drop off of dry cleaning
  • Pick up and drop off of special item
  • Pick up and drop off of items to be recycled
  • Pick up and drop off of your mail and package
  • Feeding pets
  • Finding a babysitter
  • And much more…

Is there a prior visit to make?

Yes ! In order to personalize our service with your habits we do a first “rendez-vous” at your apartment, free of charge with a Majar Coordinator.

Can I cancel a service?

The cancellation conditions are as follows (fees are calculated on the basis of your normal visit hours):

  • 5 Calendar Days before your next visit: no cancelling or rescheduled fee will be incurred.
  • 4 to 2 calendar days before your next visit: 50% of cancelling or recheduled fee will be incurred.
  • Less than 48 hours before your next visit: 100% of cancelling or rescheduled fee will be incurred

How to set up additional activities?

Our range of additional services, whether recurring or punctual, are directly set up by Mary & Jarvis. A simple text message or email is enough to describe your desire, and it's over! We do our best to schedule your additional service as soon as possible (for your next visit).

Do I need to provide cleaning products?

Yes ! In order to adapt to your habits, your Majar will use the cleaning products of your choice. We are in charge of the restocking for no extra charges and we will always favor eco-friendly ones to benefit your home and our Majars

Do I have to provide the necessary materials for the household?

Yes ! Mary & Jarvis is part of an ecological approach and 100% of trips are made by public transport. For this reason, we do not offer to bring equipment (vacuum cleaner, mops...) on site and use the ones that you own already. We can however offer advices if you wish to replace the own you have.

Do I have to be there when activities are performed?

No, you can leave your keys to us. Your Majar will be perfectly autonomous.

How do you manage my home keys?

Keys are managed following the client's will. Some prefer to open the door to their Majar before leaving to work in the morning, some give us their keys after the first service, some as freelance work at home and we only get the keys to take out the trash and put them back on their counter.

How do the "Essential Delivery" activities work?

You tell us by mail what you need and we will organize for your next visit. For item at your place, the pick up/ drop off is done during the visit. The return of an item such as Dry Cleaning will be done at the following visit.

Payment & Fee

Is there a minimum of consumption?

In order to guarantee optimal quality, and thanks to our experience feedback, we have chosen to limit the number of daily interventions of our Majars. This sets at 2h the minimum service per visit.

How can I terminate the service of Mary & Jarvis ?

Without any administrative difficulty since it is enough to notify us your will by email.

When is payment due?

Our services are charged at the end of your last service of the month. You are billed for the current month. You will receive an invoice in your email address of choice and have 14 days to pay it.

What are the registration / termination fees?

There are none! At Mary & Jarvis, we consider that access to the service as well as its termination have no reason to be billed.

Is there a management fee?

There is no management fee. The hourly rate of your housekeeper includes everything. You do not pay any extra!

Is the payment secured?

It is! We use the payment platform Stripe, today it is the number 1 online payment provider in the world. Stripe is PC1 Level 1 certified, the highest level of security at the moment. The data is encrypted in AES 256 bits and connections are via https (SSL). We never access your card or account numbers. Stripe simply gives us access to your account but are the only holders of this sensitive information. To use such service an extra 2.5% financial fee is incurred to your invoice.

What happens if I forget to pay on time?

You have 14-days to pay your invoice. If you forget to do so a 10% penalty will be charged.

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