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Our "Raison d'Être*"

We are a business committed to offer a recurring household service driven by social and environmental values. We deliver excellence and care through fine human and technology abilities in order for our clients to enjoy more comfort, more time, more life obtained in a sustainable  manner. There is no reason to settle for less.


Employees are the richest members of our family. Happy employees achieve more and positively carry the company’s reputation on their shoulders. They are kind and fairly rewarded so ready to support clients with their balanced lifestyle.

Our Employees


Customers seek an on-point service reaching their personal standard with a environmental (eco friendly products, minimizing waste through our process per activity) and social benefit. Ready to Reduce, Reuse/Repair, Recycle, Rot.

Our Customers


In order to do good around us and support other members of our constellation, we first must be sustainably profitable.

Work Hard to Reward!

Our service generates multiple positive changes to our local community: our talent, muscles, profits, enable us to establish partnerships and involvement in social initiatives (more business for local shops, support and participate in social initiatives…).

Our Community


Source, buy and engage in a fair and transparent relationships. Suppliers are people too. So we do business as much as possible with a closed-loop system thinking and driven by sustainable approaches: no waste, up-cycling...




With all the above commitments, our activity generates profit that we are happy to share with the persons and institutions who have trusted us through our sustainable growth.




Mary and Jarvis Logo

* Our motives for being

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