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Our activities
We Bring Housekeeping to its New Standard

Mary and Jarvis offers the visit of a personal home assistant who joins force with you to tackle your weekly routine and set your home in a great functioning order. We provide a safe, excellent, committed and caring service for you, your home and our planet.

Personalised Plan: We craft sets of activities which are actually useful to you and enhance your lifestyle. We reclaim your time.

Restocking: We will make sure you are not running out of cleaning supplies.

Human Power: We put human interactions at the center of everything we do.


Sustainable Process: Each activity is as green as possible to be safe for you and limit overall carbon footprint.

Circular Benefit: We give the opportunity for our regular members to re-channel their unwanted treasures to good causes to increase their reusability instead of going straight to the dumpster.

From the moment you set foot to your city to your departure to your next adventure we strive to become your partner of choice to accompany you within this journey.

Washer & Dryer
Image by Paweł Czerwiński
Folding Clothes


We Make Your Home Smile

Our own vetted employees take care of your place to transform what used to be a basic (bi)weekly service into a genuine home experience.

Cleaning, Ironing, Folding, Laundry, Shoes, Recycling

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Regular Activity

Regular maintenance clean (weekly or bi-weekly)

  • Dusting furniture, surfaces and countertops

  • Bathroom clean

  • Kitchen clean with emptying or loading the dishwasher

  • Wiping all windows and doors sills/knobs

  • Taking out trash

  • Changing bed/crib linens

  • Tidying up by picking and reorganizing clutter

  • Vacuum/Sweep/Mop floors

  • Rotative tasks: inside of fridge, microwave or oven, vacuuming upholstered furniture or place you see fit

Home Keeping
Shades of Grey Living Room

Clients Served

1 Year and 3 Months of Time Back

8 Jobs

Advanced Activity 

Deep Clean, Moving In/Out, Spring Clean:



  • Wiping inside and outside of all cabinets/draws/pantry

  • Cleaning inside/outside of fridge/freezer

  • Cleaning stove top/oven/microwave

  • Cleaning stove hoods/fans/vents

  • Cleaning all windows/window sills (outside if allowed)


  • Scrubbing inside of shower/tub

  • Cleaning inside of bathroom cabinets/draws

  • Wiping all doors/walls

  • Cleaning and disinfecting all toilets

  • Cleaning all windows and window sills (outside if allowed)


  • Flip mattresses

  • Cleaning under bed

  • Changing bed linens

  • Cleaning inside closets/shelves

  • Getting behind all furniture

  • Dusting/polishing all furniture

  • Wiping all walls/mirrors

  • Cleaning all windows/window sills (outside if allowed)

All areas of the house

  • All trash emptied/washing of trash cans

  • Wiping of all surfaces/lamps

  • Vacuum/sweep/mop all floors

  • Moving and cleaning under all furniture

  • Cleaning all vents/radiators

  • Dusting and wiping all boarders/moldings

  • Dusting/cleaning of mirrors/picture frames/artwork/knickknacks

Website Blue - IC - Laundry G.png

Regular Activity

Within your home or building's cellar:

  • Load and start your washing machine

  • Make the transition to your dryer

  • Hang clothes to dry

  • Collect dry clothes and bring them on to your place of choice

  • Get notified when you are running out of laundry products

Website Blue - IC - Ironing G.png

Regular Activity

Shirt, T-shirt, pants, bed sheets, cover...

  • Installation of the various devices

  • Ironing

  • Hang clothes in your respective closet

Website Blue - IC - Folding G.png

Regular Activity

From your basket to your closet

  • Folding with care

  • Place where they belong in their respective closet or at your place of choice

Website Blue - IC - Recycling G.png

Regular Activity

  • Taking out your common trash

  • Pick up of:

    • Glass bottles, jars...

    • Light bulbs

    • Batteries

    • Deposited Bottles (mehrweg/einweg pfand)

  • Dropped off at your nearest containers and or supermarket​

  • Ticket discounted from your invoice

Shoe Care
Website Blue - IC - Shoe Care G.png

Regular Activity

For either your business derby, Chelsea boots, football clits or your beloved white sneakers.

  • Dust over

  • Clean

  • Nourish

  • Dehumidify

  • Apply water-resistant product (optional)

Holiday Relief

Your Home in Safe Hands

On a business trip or on a relaxing holiday, your dedicated Neighborhood Manager makes sure your home gets the maintenance required. 

Plants, Pets, AirBnB, Security Check, In-Home Delivery...

Image by Cassidy Phillips
Image by Alex Block
Image by Brandable Box
Holiday Relief
Watering Plants
Website Blue - IC - Watering G.png


  • We come at your place and make sure

    • your indoor and outdoor plants,

    • flowers,

    • vegetables,

    • Grass... stay hydrated

    • We can also mow the lawn when necessary

Website Blue - HR - Pet Food.png
Website Blue - HR - Pet Care G.png



  • We schedule a tour to make sure your pet is fed and happy:

    • Feed your animal,

    • Fill up the water fountain,

    • Aerate the place,

    • Petting and playing,

    • Possibility to send the owner videos and pictures.

Pet Care
Website Blue - HR - In home Delivery G.png

Possible Activities


  • Pick up your item from your favorite store(s) to make sure you have what you need when you are back:

    • Dry cleaning,

    • Flowers,

    • Fridge restocking,

    • Medication,

    • ...

  • Drop it off on your table

  • Anything spontaneous or urgent can be re-qualified as a "Conciergerie Request", See below.

In-Home Delivery
Home Check
Website Blue - HR - Home Checking G.png



  • We organize a routine tour at your convenience to check if everything is fine at your home

  • We can open the windows to ventilate

  • Turns on the lights in the evening to create a sense of "people at home" for outsiders

  • Anything you wish us to do to make sure your home is in good hand until you come back.

Mail Check
Website Blue - HR - Mail G.png



  • Check of your mailbox for special mails or declutter.

  • Take and drop off your packages, retour and other any mails to your local post office

  • Pick up of your delivered packages from the local post office or neighbor

  • Possible unpacking and discard of the cardboard box

Orange Wall
Image by madison lavern
Image by Jason Leung

Conciergerie Services

We Support and Coordinate

When in need for a particular event for your home or happening there, our Neighborhood Manager coordinate your demands to be then fulfilled by our reliable local network.

If part of one of our plan you will enjoy better rate.

Craftsman Service
Website Blue - HC - Craftman Service G.png

Spot-Demand Activity

Feel free to ask us any on spot demand, home oriented in need of coordination

  • Get in touch with your demand

  • We quote and schedule

  • Upon Agreement, we execute:

    • Craftsman services

      • Extra hands needed (moving in or out)

      • Handyman work

      • Building furniture

      • Electricians

      • ...

Website Blue - HC - Conciergerie G.png

Spot-Demand Activity

Feel free to ask us any on spot demand, home oriented in need of coordination

  • Get in touch with your demand

  • We quote and schedule

  • Upon Agreement, we execute:

    • Lifestyle

      • Home Organizer

      • Interior Designer

      • Caterer

      • Fitness Trainer

      • Party Planning

      • ...

Lifestyle Service
Website Blue - HC - Eco Action G.png

Spot-Demand Activity

We send requests from social / environmental organizations with specific needs or help you declutter your space by channeling your unwanted belongings to the right people.

  • Get in touch with your demand or respond favorably to one of our Call for Action.

  • We quote and schedule

  • Upon Agreement, we execute:

    • Sustainability

      • Electronics

      • Books

      • Clothes

      • Toys

      • ...

Sustainable Action
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