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M&J Cleaning Bottles - Wild Edition - Full Set

We created a set of elegant refillable bottles. One bottle to then refill endlessly. Hence reducing plastic consumption and their related pollution.


We took symbolic endangered animals in Germany to highlight that our bigger home can only find balanced when all living species find their natural places.


Our selection


  • the Wolf to label our for All-Purpose bottle, prowling around making sure everything has been done properly.
  • the Otter to label our bottle fighting hard water stains, especially useful in the bathroom, where it can then chill peacefully.
  • the Eagle and its piercing sight for mirror / glass and glossy surfaces.


To combine our bottles with tabs to ensure an optimal eco friendly cleaning.


Each set is sold with three tabs from the Klaeny brand

1 All-purpose - Fragrance: Aloe Vera

1 Bathroom - Fragrance: Lemon

1 Glass Cleaner - Fragrance: Aloe Vera



  • The bottle is made from a sugar cane polymer meaning that it looks and feels like plastic but is actually made of completely safe biodegradable ingredients. The only thing to look for is that the bottles cannot be washed above 45 degrees celsius.
  • The stickers are made of fully biodegradable material and glue.

M&J Cleaning Bottles - Wild Edition - Full Set

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  • Do not clean over 45 degrees
    Store in a dry place

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