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10 Cleaning Mistakes You Might Not Realize You are Making

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Sometimes we start quick and do not rethink our cleaning routine much, because, well it is the way we’ve done it for so long and it seems to work just fine. Here are however 10 usual mistakes people are doing so make sure to cross those out of your next routine.

Starting with no direction

It is the automatic normal thing to do to start with what is at our eyes and arms’ reach. It is where our human size naturally brings us after all, more convenient. So we quite often start with counters. But it is a mistake. You do not want to clean a surface twice so make sure to lift your eyes up first and start at the top surfaces of the cabinets and work your way to the bottom to end with the floor, last.

Do not take into account the agent’s exposure time of agent

If the cleaning agent is wiped off immediately after spraying on, the cleaner does not have the time to work. Make sure the agent stay on the surface around at least 1min to make its effect, especially for areas such as the bathroom, kitchen and any obvious stains. Needless to say you’ll have to wait longer for tougher stains. This also applies for sanitizing.

Any cleaning cloth will do

Watch out! Some furniture (high-gloss), for example, must not be cleaned with classic microfiber cloths, as these can leave scratches. Then you should rather use plain cotton cloths. You will have to know on the fabric of the cloth and its ability to retain water and or dirt to decide if you would use it for wiping or drying for example.

Systematically wiping with a wet cloth first

Sure it appears like the quick thing to do. However you will most likely end up with a cloth redistributing the dirt here and there. Check the area’s state first and decide how to approach it in the three following phases : first Dust, then Clean, then Dry (you can add any sanitizing steps starting there, especially for highly touched surfaces).

Using one cloth for too long and for too many things

This is the classic one, we get comfortable with our cloth at hand and go on rampage with it. There’s no perfect answer for the best rotating clean rags and towels routine. A cautious tale is to grab a fresh rag for each new cleaning task and to trust your nose (smelly means contaminated) and sight.

Spray mirror/window with excessive cleaner

Better avoid to over spray on the mirror/window, otherwise you will have to get not only the dirt but also the excess of too much cleaner from the surface afterwards (leaving a nasty film). While spraying make sure you maintain a good distance so that the particules get more evenly onto the surface and don’t drip or use a wet cloth/sponge to spread the solution evenly.

Circular movement during wiping

This is a counterproductive motion for cleaning, because we always transport the dirt or dust to where we already wiped. If you like the circular movement, make sure to wait and keep it for the buffing section.

Go with any settings on the vacuum cleaner

Whatever you have to vacuum, you set your appliance (usually to the max) and go all-in for everything with it. Of course you know about the nozzle setting to avoid streaks especially on hardwood floor, but make sure you set the right suction power especially for carpets and upholstery. The reason their setting power is lower is that the dust is able to go through without the vacuum sucking the fabric first, hence not being useful at all and sometimes even stretch the material.

Not Vacuuming the water rooms first

Yes, I know we said Top TO Bottom but if you clean the kitchen and the bathroom thoroughly you will have water projections on the floor, so vacuuming only after will feel more like moving dirts (hair, crumbs…) from A to B. So start with a first vacuum to get all of these out of the dry floor first.

You forget to Clean the cleaning supplies

The cleaning tools and appliances themselves must be cleaned regularly so that they are effectively doing their job and not carrying more germs around to be redistributed in the house. Make sure the sponge, cloths, broom, nozzle of the vacuum cleaner anything, are cleaned before any use. The good habit would be to make sure to clean those decisive items as your last step of your cleaning routine.

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