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10 Steps to Turn Your Closet into Your Everyday Ally

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Your wardrobe: The strategic ally to reveal your image

Your wardrobe must hold the key pieces that highlight you. It is also a bit like your shelter, your Aladdin’s cave. It is full of treasures found here and there, vintage, carefully chosen, brought back from a trip, offered by your stepmother. Hmm. Do you recognize yourself there?

People tend to accumulate and not always be sure where everything is. That’s fine until you reach a certain point. That point is now. You are tired of searching for your clothes, dreading this moment of choosing your outfit. You have three meters of closet and nothing to put on? Dressing becomes a challenge and you don't need that extra one.

You will save time, you will help our planet and your wallet by limiting your consumption. You will have only the essential and the right pieces of clothing. But above all, you will master your look and easily wear your outfits with style and allure. You will be yourself, confident in your skin, in your style.

Knowing how to tidy up your wardrobe means knowing yourself. It all starts with knowing

your intimate logic. Be demanding with yourself. Do not postpone until tomorrow what you can do today. Don't procrastinate! Love your wardrobe and give it that new energy, the peps you need every morning to boost the enjoyment of your day.

“You could be good today, but instead you choose tomorrow.” - Marcus Aurelius

Here are 10 key steps to follow to ensure an efficient and personal storage.

1. Know what you own

If your wardrobe has treasures, you still need to know where to find them and at the right time. You should know what you have. Thus, you will not buy an item that you already own. Find out, because sometimes you no longer know where all your things are and collect them. The cellar, the attic, the wardrobe in the guest room, under the bed, etc. Do you have everything in front of you? You need to have everything in mind to better consider other outfits. Take the opportunity to clean and dust your shelves. You don't like it, but you will love it when it will be done!

2. Tidy up. Be clear. I keep it vs I get rid of it.

Start with three piles.

  1. One for the clothes you wear regularly.

  2. One for those you never wear.

  3. A last one for the articles to be definitively forgotten because being damaged, of another time, offered by step-mom but whose size is ten times too big and unwearable.

Pile one: you love your clothes! So much so that you keep coming back to them. Your favourite clothes make you feel good, confident. This pile is definitely to be kept.

Pile two. You hesitate. You keep? You give away? You sell? Do you like it and want to give it a second try? The items but must be worn in the next year, if not, during the next sorting, it must disappear! Do you want to wear a combination of garments which leaves you puzzled? Not really right? Need to repair? Go to the seamstress or do it yourselves if you have that talent!

3. Clear the Third Pile

Empty. Delete. You no longer like the article? The garment is left behind. Others will be happy to take on. So make people happy! You liked them or hated them at first glance? Sell ​​or give away the clothes you no longer want, that you have seen too much. You can also hunt for your clothes. Many stores sell excellent second-hand clothing.

4. Store clothes the way you feel comfortable with

Find the system that's right for you. I advise you to arrange by type of clothing. The pants go together, the skirts too. Another possible storage is by outfit but you may get lost, forget that you have this beautiful blouse already stored on the arm of this jacket. Remember to arrange the clothes on pretty hangers and decorate with lavender sachets. It’s pretty and it smells good!

5. Wear your clothes as many times as possible

You love your clothes. You have chosen them with taste. Put them on all year long. Have you considered wearing a dress with tights? And this top on a sweater to tackle winter? What a good idea! So keep as many as possible of your clothes within sight. Marie Kondo* developed her method. We love it! Less turnover in your wardrobe. A larger playground for dressing.

6. Make your wardrobe your landmark

I invite you to develop your style. It is personal.

Know the shapes and fabrics that underline your figure. Create looks that look like you, inspire you, please you. You are unique. Trends must be there to inspire you, without forcing or urging you. You have to be in tune with your outfits. Do you know the concept of congruence? You are okay that your inner self and outer self should be in line? Indeed, stay and dare to be yourself, respect your history, your inner wealth. Be in tune between your inner self and outer self.

7. Combine your outfits. Be creative!

You don't need a lot of clothes to dress differently each day. Alternate. Change the top, the bottom. Nothing is unwearable, the main thing is to undertake. Think of the colors. They convey messages. Do you have things to say at the office? Use your outfit to enforce your statement. For instance, blue is the unanimously preferred color for men and women around the world. It refers to thoroughness, wisdom, truth. It gives you a structured look. What message do you want to get across today?

8. Accessorise endlessly.

The accessory is this detail that will make the difference to an outfit. Think of jewellery, belts, scarfs. A necklace will draw attention to your neckline. Do you prefer to draw attention to your eyes? Wear beautiful earrings. Keep in mind: less is more. Play with fashion, your fashion.

9. It’s time for shopping.

If you are missing an item, write it down and create a shopping list. Your personality evolves? A special event awaits you? A meeting? A conference where people are rooting for you? Do you want to consider a new style and get out of your comfort zone? Harmonize your looks between your existing outfits and your expectations. Dare!

10. Having a wardrobe ready with essentials means great support.

On one hand, clothes have the fantasy that you choose for them. Indeed, essential does not mean boring. They go with everything. You choose them carefully. Their material is soft and of high quality.

On the other hand, do you like to get straight to the point? Your wardrobe must be efficient. Your outfit is a tool. Are you attentive to our planet? Are you aware that the fashion industry pollutes and consumes scarce resources? The capsule wardrobe is made for you! You will save in the long run on your spending and let our planet blossoms. You will have more freedom to dress according to your codes, far from the trends of magazines.

Here you are. You can be proud of yourself. Your wardrobe is just like you. It represents who you are. Your inner self and out self are in sync. The harmony of your figure is nothing without your body language incorporating the values ​​that make you what you are. Be satisfied and have the free spirit to dress according to your tastes, your agenda for the day, your personal and professional requirements.

Talking about these questions requires bravery. Well done! You took the first step!!

See you soon!

Carine Landau - personal shopper and image expert -

For personalized support in these different stages, I invite you to contact me. Your need is close to my heart. Your problem becomes mine. Make your wardrobe your benchmark while being efficient and stylish. To support your efforts, I have organised for you a welcome offer. Do not hesitate to contact me, even for raising questions.

Thanks to a strong background of experiences lived as a strategic buyer supporting leader groups (in a large palette of sectors: automobile, bank, media, fashion), where diplomacy, non-verbal language and force of persuasion through the image were my daily life, Carine Landau has created her firm, to give you the tools to succeed by knowing how to convince and impact your interlocutor.

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