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7 Sustainable Ways to Cool Down your Home (without AC)

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Summer is upon us and the heat waves are striking. If you want to make the best of your home to cool it down properly without AC as a starting point, these tips are for you.

1. Know your Ventilation Basics

A short reminder that warm air goes up (called thermal Buoyancy), so the first trick in the book is to make sure that if your house/flat has a windows at the top, you surely want to make good use of it.

For neat air circulation, create an air corridor by opening the windows and the inside doors of the rooms you want to freshen up.

2. Start a Sun lockdown

Timing: From Morning to Afternoon : Cool inside / Hot outside

With those sunny blazing days upon us, it is better to start right when the temperature is about to rise at dawn by closing your windows, shutting the blinds and inside doors.

The best is if the blinds are in front of the windows to protect the glass sheets from generating heat coming by the direct sun rays of light. If no other choice, then, go for blackout curtains, roller blinds or if you are in a room in direct contact with daylight consider a day/night blind, an adjustable type of blind with panels of opaque and transparent strings which can be positioned in the exact angle you desire from total transparence, to block out the light entirely.

3. All out

Timing: Evening to early morning : cool outside and hot inside

You do the exact opposite as the point above. The goal is to make the cool air ventilates as in many areas as you can to bring the temperature down. So open as many windows and doors possible in the desired areas.

4. Focus on the space that matters

The smaller the space you want to cool down the easier it is. We don’t say that you should quarantine yourself by bringing the fridge in the toilet for your new home office but that you should structure your flat into sections to make sure you can control the spread of the heat, especially if you have rooms with big windows with direct sunlight. contact

5. Remove Unnecessary Heat Sources

Consuming energy equals heat generation. So any appliances you actively use, in rest mode, or just plugged in create some degree of heat. Yes, even light bulbs and its guilt-free environmentally friendly CFLs give off heat so make sure to use as long as you can the natural daylight and buy smart plug to shut down powers automatically in the evening or whenever you see fit. Keep rooms cool at dusk by using lights sparingly (or not at all)

6. Adjust your Cooking

Of course, if it already is scorching hot inside, using the oven and stove to cook and bake will only add an extra stream of hot air. It is definitely not welcome. Think to cook light and room temperature dishes such as salads, cold soups and tasty fresh fruits, especially locally sourced to ripe all of their healthy benefits.

7. Indoor Plants

Owning indoor plants is not only a great way to enhance your home green cred but they actually consume hot air from the room for their natural processes.

  • Indoor plants keep a house cooler in warm weather by consuming hot air for their natural processes.

  • As they release moisture into the air from their leaves through transpiration, They will help keep your room temperature down by adding this extra shot of humidity.

  • Big bonus, indoor plants can improve your indoor air quality too.

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