Moral Compass of a Homekeeper

At Mary and Jarvis, we know that in a person-to-person business a trustful reputation is everything to achieve longterm success.

Each of our Majars are ruled by a set of commandments driving not only their professional but above all their personal lives. Hire a great human being and you will have a great employee.

We are happy to share with you these seven principles guaranteeing a high level of service.


I do my best to accommodate my client's schedule and find suitable solutions.


At all times basic politeness is essential to create the right atmosphere. Saying «Hello», «How are you?» and «Thank You» are words that are always welcome and close no doors.


If i do something wrong, I am straightforward and always come clean. Sorting out conflicts quickly, preferably on neutral ground help to avoid misunderstandings, which could make a situation unnecessarily difficult.