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The 5 Apps You Should Have to Act Against Food Waste

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

1/3 rd of the food production is being wasted. This consumption disaster can be seen at our local restaurant, the supermarket, happens in our fridge or pantry.

However, today's technology allows us to do great deeds and be mindful about our food consumption right from the tip of our finger.

Save Rest from Restaurants

Too Good To Go Picture

Too Good To Go, a certified B Corp has set itself the task of saving whole tons of food from the garbage worldwide. One portion can save an average of two kilograms of CO2. So far, Germany, Denmark, France, Norway, Great Britain and Switzerland have already joined in with over 1,600 shops. To take part, simply log in to the app, select a restaurant near you and buy a box of tasty leftovers at a low price, which you can pick up shortly before closing time. Prices go from as little as two euros in biodegradable packaging. It is not an issue to have the dishes filled into boxes that you have brought yourself.

  • System: Android and Apple

  • Price of the app: free of charge

  • Payment options within the app: credit card or Paypal

  • Language: German, Danish, English, French, Norwegian

Save Rest from Supermarket

Sir Plus Website

Similar to what is already available in individual shops in the form of a shelf, Sir Plus wants to build up a whole shop in which foods that are still edible but have perhaps already expired or been sorted out on the basis of other criteria. As a consumer, you can then save up to 70 percent of the original food price when you buy on the platform. The special thing: this food outlet in Berlin has its an online shop and is able to deliver saved food throughout Germany. Subscription boxes are also available.

Etepete Website

It is not only the best-before date and strict hygiene regulations that lead to food being wasted; EU-wide standards for fruit and vegetables also prevent a considerable proportion of the harvest to not reach the shelves in the first place due to size or shape issues. At Etepetete you get exactly this non-standard fruit and vegetables from selected organic farmers delivered into your home through a box subscription system. In their online shop you can order a box starting 21,90 Euro.

Save Rest from Home

Zu Gut für die Tonne Website

The German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture has launched an initiative for more appreciation of food, which has also resulted in a really clever recipe app. It is called "too good for the bin" and currently contains 457 recipes - many from renowned chefs - which are constantly growing. Using up to three leftover ingredients, you can immediately find recipe suggestions that you can save to your personal watch list and add directly to your shopping list. Especially helpful is the fact that the ingredients of several recipes can be combined in such a way that they can be processed quickly in the supermarket. This makes it easier to estimate quantities and saves you time. You can also use this app to find out how to store which food and how to help it keep for as long as possible.

  • System: Android, Apple and Web

  • Price of the app: free of charge

  • Payment options within the app: no in-app purchases

  • Language: German

Save Rest from Your Fridge

No Waste Facebook Page

No Waste is an app created by the sole founder and coder danish Kasper Hjortsballe where you can inventory your food and beverage present in your fridge, freezer and pantry. To do so you integrate it to your shopping list to make sure you do not buy what you already have, plan meals for your weekly prep and see what you can cook with what you have already stored. The app also associate the Best Due Date along the items you add for reminding you to eat your food before it lose its optimal freshness and has a barcode scan to read and add swiftly the items you buy for a seamless experience. Bonus, you can track your monthly food waste and savings.

  • System: Apple

  • Price of the app: free of charge

  • Payment options within the app: in-app purchases

  • Language: German, English, Danish


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