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Tidy Up like a Pro - in partnership with The Organicer

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Mary and Jarvis M&J The Organicer


THE ORGANICER is a Frankfurt-based Professional Organizing startup with a focus on sustainability and charity. We believe that by reducing the items in your house, owning only what you love and having everything in order, the level of stress in your house will be reduced immensely and this will potentially even lead to a happier, calmer life. Also, by not consuming as much  and having a house without chaos, you are helping both our planet and your wallet. One of our core values is that we support for you to donate whatever you don´t use or love to people in need - this is a win-win-situation for everyone. Once you book us for an appointment, we will take care of everything for you: from purging to sorting to taking care of getting your donations to where they are needed - we are at your services!

If you feel like starting with a reorganizing project in your house today, here are our top ten tips for you:

1. MINIMIZING before OPTIMIZING: This should be rule number one, because you should not push things from left to right unnecessarily. Always sort things out generously first, then reorganize. AND: When moving, always clean out before, not after. 2. SET A CLEAR TARGET & CREATE A PLAN: Think carefully about what your vision for your project is, set clear but small, realistic goals and take enough time for your project to stay motivated. E.g. do you just want to reduce the amount of „stuff“ in your house or would you like to make your everyday-life and daily processes easier? 3. START SMALL - BUT START: Set a date and time in your calendar. It is best to start small so that you do not lose motivation and have a sense of achievement. 4. CATEGORIZE & CREATE STRUCTURE: Divide all items into groups, sort them in a system that makes sense to you and establish new structures where there are none yet. 5. DESIGNATE A „HOME“ FOR EVERYTHING: It is crucial that every item has ONE specific „home“ where it belongs in your house. 6. LABEL: Label as much as you can so that every member of the household knows where to put everything -  7. DONATE & MAKE SOMEONE HAPPY: Consider giving away rather than selling the things you no longer need. It probably brings you more joy to see a beaming, grateful face than to get 1€ for something that is actually worth maybe much more. Also, get the donations out of the house as soon as possible. 8. CREATE NEW HABITS: Pick up new daily clean up routines, e.g. the „10 minute routine“: Put on your three favorite songs before dinner and pick up everything that´s not in its „home spot“ and return it to where it belongs. 9. KEEP THE ORDER: In the future, buy less stuff and ONLY if really necessary. If possible, share things with your neighbors or buy them used. 10. ONE IN, ONE OUT: To keep your house tidy and in order, remember this rule: For everything new item, one old item has to go. If - after all - your project is not as successful as you had wished for - we are here to help. If you send us an appointment inquiry with the Code „M&JxTO“ via our website or email ( until June 30th, you will receive a 10% discount on our price packages.



Founder of The Organicer

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