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5 Actionable Tips to Prevent Food Waste with Shout Out Loud

This time we discover Frankfurt's most famous association fighting against food waste, Shout Out Loud with this post presented by Viktoria vice-president of the organization.

ShoutOutLoud e.V. – Who are we?

2013 Anna Mara Schön had the feeling that most big projects aiming at making the world more sustainable usually failed because of bureaucracy or a lack of means. She literally shouted out – out of frustration about this situation – which finally let to the formation of the Frankfurt Organization ShoutOutLoud e.V.

Our purpose: making the world a more sustainable place on a local level with small and fun projects, without a moral pointing finger!

How do we do it? We help people to help themselves and their environment by showing them great opportunities and involving them in exciting and fun activities which teach a sustainable way of living.

Our hope: A long term positive affect on society, economy and politics.

We focus on 3 main topics:

  1. Waste of resources – no plastic goes to waste: We educate in workshops and events

  2. Integration of refugees – Get together: We cook together with refugees and locals. Our motto: Integration goes through the tummy ☺

  3. Food waste – No food for the bin! We cook delicious meals on events or in workshops with foods that would have gone to waste due to a close expiration date or ripeness.


What can YOU do for a more sustainable way of living? Let’s start small, for example by saving food the smart way.

Top 5 tips from beginners to pros

*What can you do against food waste


Buy lonely bananas. Loose, single bananas often stay behind in the super market because everybody buys a bundle. Have a good heart for these lonely bananas ☺ Super ripe bananas can be sliced and put in the freezer – they become yummy vegan ‘nice-cream’


Buy mostly seasonal and regional food. The fruits and veggies doesn’t have to travel as far and is less likely to be damaged – which makes them last longer, too!

Curious about what's fresh right now? Let's go Here.


Take a picture of your fridge before you go groceries shopping. You know what is inside and what you need to shop on your way back home after work. Don't forget to organize your fridge well to ensure optimal freshness and not lose any healthy nutrients.


Smart storage: Apples should be stored apart from other fruits since they emit a gas that makes other fruits ripe faster. Veggies are best stored in the bottom cases in the fridge and meat in the shelve above where it is the coldest. To know more about which foods emitting the ethylene gas, Let's go Here


Leftover party – Celebrate a leftover party by inviting your friends to bring all their leftovers and together you invent a tasty menu.

Find out more about us and our fight against food waste: ShoutOutLoud e.V.

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