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A M&J Client Story - Ina and Khang

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

M&J Mary and Jarvis Quote Francine Jay Frankfurt am Main

As counterintuitive it may sounds, the less decisions we have to make through the day, the more we can actually do.

Making decisions is actually exhausting and drains our daily energy gauge.

If we want to stay fresh, prevent mental burden and unnecessary emotional conflicts, having less to do to focus on what truly matters to you is the direction to follow.

So we have to look at what actions we want to focus on and which ones are a must but can be outsourced and automatised. We, of course, learn this "Less is More" in our professional life but it is especially, if not, even more relevant in our personal one to achieve and sustain a healthy mental balance.

At Mary and Jarvis, we strive to sail towards such direction with domestic activities. So we are always super thrilled to share how a couple by taking key decisions early on achieved more peace with us humbly being a part of it.

Since September 2018 Ina and Khang have been taking full advantage of what our company offers. Here is an introduction.

Meet Ina and Khang

M&J Mary and Jarvis Client Story

Travel and food lovers, yoga and boxing enthusiasts, teacher and tax advisor, taking care of two gorgeous guinea pigs - we are Ina and Khang, a married couple living in Frankfurt-Nordend for ten years. With our travels, jobs, pets, hobbies and activities with our friends, time is pretty valuable for us – if not even the most valuable thing besides health.

Discover What M&J Brings to Them

Whether it‘s coming home after an exhausting working day in a perfectly cleaned home, Ina enjoying the weekly flower bouquet conjuring a smile on her face, knowing that our (very demanding and hungry) guinea pigs are treated well during our trips while being provided with videos of them, or saving time and efforts for organising a handyman (which in Frankfurt is not that easy) – we don’t want to miss out the valuable time M&J gives us to spent for our way of living or the inspiration for a more sustainable home.

Now let's have a deeper look on how their routine is structured.

The Services They Currently Use

Mary and Jarvis M&J client services Frankfurt am Main

Weekly Routine

M&J Mary and Jarvis flower bouquet Blumenbar Frankfurt

Having a steady weekly routine is what sets your inner clock for success. A lack of maintenance leaves the place prone to clutter, untidiness, and germs which can turn your direct supposedly safe environment against you and become an extra source of unnecessary stress. It is naturally smart to have a plan for your home.

Here is how Ina and Khang schedule their weekly home plan:

  • Homekeeping - Maintenance cleaning once a week.

  • Homekeeping - Ironing bed sheets and cover and change bedding every two weeks.

  • Homekeeping - Recycling - Glass bottles to containers, when present.

  • Conciergerie - Flower Delivery - Directly coming from local florist in Nordend.

To sum up, Ina and Khang are becoming local consumers, insure good recycling and live in a tidy home by doing not more than sending a detailed request once per week. Sounds pretty smart!

On Holiday

  • Holiday relief - pet care

You can ask your neighbor a favor once but that is usually it (unless you have this one of a kind neighbor). Plenty of "innovative" solutions are popping up to take care of plants and or pets while away but so far none has outpaced what human brings to the table, their assessment of the situation, spotting the unusual, their capacity to adapt accordingly and be proactive. With us, you can go on holiday and truly relax.

Spot Services

It comes a time when you want to do deeper work at home, have an unfrequent request or take the opportunity to give back for an absolute Win-Win deal. Ina and Khang know when to seize these.

  • Conciergerie - Craftman Services: Install lights and replace faulty plug.

  • Conciergerie - Sustainable Actions: Sort out seasonal clothing and channel to charities.


On top of everything, the couple goes the extra mile and shop sustainable beauty and care products from our website directly delivered on their table, use special discounted actions on our services, and took the opportunity to use one of our vouchers from a previous partnership in one of our newsletters to try sustainable products from a german startup.

It is all about the step by step journey.

We understand that not everyone can have the luxury to outsource it all and only focus on what matters. There will always be frictions, limitations and the unexpected. It is about finding the right balance, setting clear objectives, prioritising the tasks, budgeting, planning and progressing from there. Nothing is as more powerful as delegating to get more time and free your mind. As far as we know we only got one life to enjoy. So check what you do not like to do, how you can remove/tweaks those tasks at least partly, and start spending more time on enjoyable activities. We are here to support to simplify your home life.

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