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Updated: Jul 30, 2021

One Home

Once born, we live within three different set of homes we have to carefully look after: in an organic shell with our body, under a protective shelter with our home and all of us on a common green village with our planet.

Taking care of each one of them altogether is common knowledge but quickly may appear as a dreadful adventure filled with pitfalls and contradictory data. Having the end vision is amazing but soon may cripple our motivation. The top of the mountains seems so far from our current state. Change requires a combination of knowledge, actions and tracking that is challenging to start and to maintain in our already busy lives. Fortunately, change starts by taking one small action, and carrying on from there. Mary and Jarvis strive to become one of the triggers.

Mary and Jarvis M&J one body one home one planet motto

Mary & jarvis offer our clients the mindful help of a Majar (aka personal home assistant). Their mission is to relieve you from your desired household activities with the necessary modern sustainable twist. A Majar is a professional of the household, a daily good mood-bringer activist, a mix between an apothecary and athlete setting your home in the safest and tidiest way possible. The home is ready for you to live your next adventure.


We have a deep focus on sustainability around the home. We think eco-consciousness and being good, it all starts with our little decisions at home, especially the ones to fight the production of waste.

The goal is to deliver great home services while positively influence our clients to lower their carbon footprint shifting towards a safe, healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

We want to make our readers and clients aware that small daily changes do make a big cumulative difference with a mix of guidance and incentive. However, it does not mean us compromising on trust, reliability and excellence. It does not mean them compromising on sacrifice or deprivation. We strive to deliver a service benefiting our home, for more time, more money, more life. Exciting!


Our company relies on three pillars:

  • Social and Fair Hiring Policy

In order to make a home service memorable, the first critical step is to create the necessary environment for our employees to get recognised and rewarded. They are most of the time migrants and strive to get a better life, so we support them with an enticing HR package and make them part of a community.

  • Eco-Friendliness

We decided to put eco responsibility at the core of everything we develop. We bring reliable processes, people and network to lower our clients' carbon footprint. Having a positive impact on our environment should not stop with us, we develop opportunities to empower all our stakeholders to join us, starting with you, our clients.

  • Business Localism

As a neighbourhood service, we take this opportunity to create a strong local network to foster whenever possible the products and services of great local businesses to fuel their economic growth further and create a lively thriving local community.


We are proud to launch our Blog to share and create content around the values we care the most: social, environmental, local economy, innovation for the better, sharing stories from our employees and our clients and any daily activists.

In this swamp of information available we make sure to bring valuable, curated and sourced information and opinion. We rely on scientific data and facts, bestselling books, authors, organisations and experts. Plus, we do our best to think against our pre-conceived biased and emotion to deliver holistic content.

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