How to say “NO” to fast fashion!

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

We all need clothes! The question of how many is another issue, but we all agree that we need them. And things get even better when you have kids. Because those cute little monsters need them more than us, they need new ones almost every season and they need MORE of them. Unlike us, children cannot go through the week with 1 or 2 pairs of jeans and 5 shirts. I won’t go into the messy details of why, you have all seen them. So, in order to satisfy that need for clothes, a lot of people turn to fast fashion.

I have to say that up until a year ago, I had not heard the term “fast fashion”. That’s why when a friend mentioned it to me, in connection to our journey towards a more sustainable way of life, I made that weird look I do saying “Say what now?” I was shocked when I learned what it actually was. Basically, fast fashion is evil; with a simple google search you can find out all that is wrong with it. To put it simply, it is bad for the environment and bad for human rights. So, how do you go around it? How do you eliminate or at least minimize the damage?

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