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Responsible Meal planning & Cooking – For the Love of Local

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

When you love food, you should hate wasting it. Responsible cooking is continuously gaining popularity in different parts of the world. Using every part of a food item seems to be going together with different cultures and it seems like people are getting more aware of our environment. It also seems to go hand-in-hand with the practice of buying local food.

My name is Sylvia and I live in the Frankfurt am Main area. I wasn’t always responsible with cooking nor buying locally. However I try my best to buy local and I always bring reusable bags to the store & try to avoid buying food items packed in plastic packages. After living almost 6 years in Germany I always keep one shopping bag in the car and one in my purse. I like to practice meal planning in a way of eating healthy made easier.

Responsible Cooking Rocks – Why I started cooking more responsibly.

  • I used to compete in bikini fitness back in the days. In order to follow a strict fitness diet I had to plan and prepare my meals ahead. That is how I discovered that preparing meals ahead and planning your groceries saves you time and money! Although I don’t compete anymore I am still meal planning. It is a never ending journey. I’m not perfect with my meal plans. Living with two little humans can be a bit of a challenge when introducing new foods to them. However, this is one of a great habit I learned from my fitness days.

  • We get to protect the environment. Instead of getting a part or two and throwing away everything else, you get to the entire food item, minimising carbon footprints and saving the world in your own little way.

Local Love – Why you should buy local

  • Economy Earns. When you buy local, you keep the money circulating within the community and you help out local business owners. When these local businesses prosper, the citizens and the community itself do too.

  • Quality Queen. When you buy local, you get food items that are fresh, naturally ripe, and pure – quality fit for royalty. There are certain things that I ALWAYS buy organic such as; blueberries, apples, cucumbers and paprika. I also try to buy seasonal. This is way easier here in central of Europe rather than where I’m from ( Iceland ). So buying seasonal is something that I started doing shortly after I moved to Germany. I don’t “only” buy seasonal, however I follow what is in season and buy that locally as possible.

  • Motherly Love for Mother Nature. Local food does not travel much so it makes less carbon footprints. It also keeps local farmers in business so big developments do not have a place in your area. It also keeps the soil healthier that it would not need much chemicals.

Buying Local – The Road Less Travelled

Some people say that buying local means paying more. However, you need to consider that it really costs more for farmers with limited production. You also need to remember that most local farmers use organic materials so with just a bit higher cost, you get a lot higher quality which gives the food more value. And for what I have found out, buying organic is not always more expensive than buying non-organic. At least not here in Germany.

Others also think that imported produce looks better and healthier. However, there is a great possibility that chemicals were used to make sure that the food products look that way for a longer period of time. Therefore, that beauty is more likely to be just skin deep.

What has worked for me on this responsible cooking journey is is that I joined a local facebook group that focuses on more sustainable lifestyle & zero-waste. I am still learning and making improvements.

With these practices, other people will see how deep you care about the environment as well as the community. You may even inspire others to do the same and this will definitely be more beneficial to everybody.

Responsible cooking and buying local call for a bit of sacrifice but you will see and feel its effects as time pass. Share the advantages of these practices with your friends and when these practices become a habit for many in the community, it will become easier and even inspiring!


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